Qafqaz University, similar to other developed world education institutions, takes significant steps toward globalization and development, by considering different features peculiar to the chosen country model. As a Higher Education Institution it adheres to the belief of prioritizing variety of goals such as: information procurement; engagement in research and higher education; practice of scientific achievements and its applications into a new technology; dissemination of technological innovations; capacity building; prompting entrepreneurship; assisting the development of proposals and strategies in numerous spheres such as education, research and service systems. Enhancement of independent and creative thinking skills in individuals, preparation of community oriented youth, and augmentation of respect in prospective and graduate students to world and humanity are cornerstones of our teaching philosophy.



Qafqaz University put to use the credit system education structure, taken as a model of curriculum and teaching practice from developed world countries. The overall study period, including one year language preparation course in the first academic year, consists of five years. During this time students are eligible to choose two or three foreign language classes which need to be related to their specialization fields. Students holding minimum required scores from major subjects, supplementary foreign languages, or having certification of TOEFL exam are not required to take the first year language preparation course and are eligible to start their education directly from the second year.


Starting from the academic year of 2002/2003 Qafqaz University has launched teaching of some specialized subjects in English, and emphasizes exceptional importance in student acquisition of major fields of study as well as foreign language and computer competencies. Currently, the university trains experts in 24 specialization areas at bachelor level, 15 areas at master level and 6 spheres at postgraduate level. In addition, since the academic year of 2006/2007 the university offers MBA program in 3: field specializations. Qafqaz University is the first institution offering TOEFL IBT, new generation TOEFL test, thanks to its high speed internet connection.


The university does not confine itself with providing only modern knowledge to its students. Academic conferences, in collaboration with the scholars and individuals of other universities and institutions, are also some of the contributory factors creating good opportunities for the students to be trained as future researchers. Different sport competitions and activities allow students with distinct sport skills to demonstrate their potential. In addition to above mentioned activities amateur student ensemble, chorus groups, and student dram circles are some of the activity spheres with the primary focus of revealing and discovering artistic talents of the students. Touristic trips and vacations to different parts of Azerbaijan guarantees perfect leisure time and socialization for students.