University Management

Management of the university and its activities is regulated in compliance with the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic. Education is carried out in accordance with the provisions and requirements of law, policy requirements of the Qafqaz University charter, regulations of the higher education institutions and normative acts of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.



The Supreme body of the university is the Presidium which consists of at least 5 members who are selected by decision of the founders of the organization. Each   member of the executive committee chairs one or more specific branches such as property management, economic issues, organizational regulation, and employee recruitment. The role of the Presidium is the management of university activities and the budget, as well as the carrying out of current administrative procedures and the develop of financial plans.


Administrative Board

The University Administrative Board represents vice-rectors, deans, heads of the institutes and teaching staff members. The Board is responsible for carrying out a variety of different activities  as well as providing assistance to the rector/president of the university with his/her administrative work.


Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is charged with responsibilities in the area of scientific methodology as it relates to university functions, including, but not limited to, training education and other scientific activities. It is an elected body and the Rector of the university is the Chairman.