Why Qafqaz? 


  • High standards meeting international requirements
  • Ideal education and modern technology
  • Student exchange programs with foreign Higher Education Institutions
  • Training opportunities for students aiming to improve their language skills in foreign countries
  • Career development opportunities in foreign countries
  • Electronic library allowing students to access scholarly articles and books from a variety of sources
  • Tuition waivers and scholarships for students with distinct academic skills and grades
  • Education opportunities at Master and Doctoral levels
  • Modernized facilities meeting international standards
  • Dormitories on Campus areas
  • Social activities and sport events with the goal of enhancing intellectual capacity of the students
  • Computer Labs
  • Substantial amount of tuition waivers in conformity with the national examination scores,

        in accordance with ISO 9001:2001 International Quality Management System Certificate



According to the 12th edition of the State Students Admission Commission Journal, Qafqaz University, similar to previous years, continues to hold its nationwide position as the most prestigious private university in Azerbaijan. Statistics indicate that 181 of the students, from top one thousand, with highest entrance examination score chose Qafqaz University as their future higher education institution. In addition, it is of crucial importance to note that Qafqaz University ranked 3rd in the overall rating system of Higher Education Institutions held nationwide. The university is distinct with its discipline standards and the care paid to its students. Students with highest entrance examination scores are exempt from tuition fees. Special emphasis is given to individuals with academic brilliance, which serves as a base of scholarships provision. Qafqaz University attends to its graduates and assists alumni with employment. All these incentives act as the motivational factors in encouraging students with distinct competencies and skills to choose Qafqaz University as their future education institution. The fact that 181 of the students with the entrance examination score of 600 and higher chose Qafqaz University, can be stressed as a proof for the arguments named above. It is worth noting that 25 of these students are awarded with Presidential Fellowships.